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What a Smartphone Screen Might’ve Looked Like in the 1990s

1990s Smart phone Banner

We asked ourselves.. What would a 1990s smartphone screen look like?

Alta Vista – Before Google swallowed up the internet, back when they were still telling people to not be evil, there were other search engines out there. Alta Vista was a popular one for sure..

Netscape Like The Globe, the Netscape story was told on the Valley of the Boom. Certainly would have had a browser presence in this line up prior to it’s acquisition by AOL..

Twitter and Mental Health

Twitter and Mental Health

There is plenty of conversation going around these days, on how technology is impacting us humans. Twitter and mental health – a much needed conversation, as it is important for us to try and grasp how we are evolving along with tech.

Dear God, all this amazing technology and this is what we are doing with it. Just typing all this re enforces how silly the whole platform can be.. Notice how many adults argue with strangers, over the way they see the world. Swearing and cursing at politicians and celebrities..

An Apology to Tim Berners-Lee

An Apology to Tim Berners

I couldn’t help but wonder, how did we go from this wide range of possibilities.. Sir, I  am apologizing on behalf of humanity for what we have done with the web. I’m sorry for the way we have used what you have given us. I’m sorry we have taken so much of it for granite. I am sorry for plenty more as well..

I’m sorry that we have allowed about a dozen websites or so take over the entire internet. Search engines and social media sites has become the gatekeepers to the rest of the net. This place was supposed to be wide open yet we have closed ourselves in. Browsing the web has been replaced by scrolling through a feed.

The Loathing of BuzzFeed

The Loathing of BuzzFeed

This post is a collection of thoughts (no we won’t call it a dossier) due to news of cutbacks this past week.. The perceived results of BuzzFeed style tactics and antics. Criticisms and credits both. We’re calling it the dichotomy of BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed blew up in popularity over the years, publishing content that has overwhelmingly been useless, throwaway articles. This isn’t a crime and it doesn’t make them bad people. It’s still useless content. As real journalism and news organizations..

Godiva Chocolate and Craft Beer Pairings

Craft Beer and Godiva Chocolate Truffle Pairings

We are back with some more craft beer pairings. For this round, we will be using Godiva chocolate truffles for each pairing. Specifically from the Happy Birthday Cake Truffle Flight will be used in these pairings.

For our first pairing, we are going with Cosmic Truth Session IPA. This beverage is by Resurgence Brewing Co out of Buffalo, NY. As noted, this a session IPA, the ABV checks in at 4.3 percent.

As for the Godiva truffle, we elect Lemon Chiffon. A slick yellow shell houses a tangy lemon filling. Lemon fans, this is the one..

The Instagram Vanity Metrics War

Instagram Vanity Metics

There was the browser war between Microsoft and Netscape. We watched the search engine war. I was rooting for Alta Vista. Unfortunately Yahoo acquired them and Google took the crown. The social media war, where MySpace grasped defeat from the jaws of victory, handing the reins over to Facebook.

Seems to be another war underway. Many are aware of the practice, though may not consider it a war. The result of this battle will not reshape the way we function on line, however there are companies competing for the top slot. What battle are we talking about?

It is the “Instagram Followers for Sale” war.

Craft Beer & Cocopotamus Chocolate Pairings

Craft Beer and Cocopotamus Pairings

Ready for another Craft Beer and Chocolate pairing? We certainly are! For all these pairings, we will be using an in-house favorite chocolate of ours! Goes by the name Cocopotamus..

First up we have Resurgence Brewing out of Buffalo, NY. Apparently the good folks at at Resurgence do their breakfast Irish style. A red ale with a maple and coffee blend..

That chocolate is Blame Canada – Maple dark chocolate truffle with turbinado sugar. For maple fans, it’s a thing of beauty..

Yelpers Yelping on Yelp

Yelpers Yelping on Yelp

Ok Google “Define Yelper”.. One who Yelps, especially a yelping dog.. No, no, no.  That is such a pre-internet definition.

Let’s keep scrolling. Ah, there it is.. Wow, strong, somewhat angry opinions. Ok Google, never mind, we’ll define this. Yelper – A person who contributes online reviews, on the website or app, Yelp..

Instagram Influencers Hacked

Instagram Influencers Hacked

Well, this is an unexpected challenge that some influencers are facing. Being hacked.

This young industry makes the wild west look like vacation resort. The concept of an influencer is not a new one, however the method of influencing along with the ease of access of entry for new players are new. Along with that comes the scams, hackers.. 

Ready for Ruby Chocolate?!

Ready for Ruby Chocolate

Took a while to get to the U.S. but Ruby Chocolate has made it, and just time for Valentines Day!

Coined the “Fourth Chocolate” as part of it’s introduction, we may have a new category coming to the chocolate market soon.  Dark, Milk, and White are established three and now Ruby Chocolate..

Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairings

Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairings

We have beer and we have chocolate! A new edition of craft beer and chocolate pairing! Our first of 2019..

For Dead Guy Ale we have a German Maibock style ale with stats that include: 6.8 percent ABV, 40 IBU.. For our chocolate choice, we have the Godiva G Cubes ready to go.

What Shopify Gurus Don’t Tell You

What Shopify Gurus Dont Tell You

Lies, Half Truths, and Straight Up Bullshit. The world of Shopify Gurus and You Tube.. If you’re reading this, you know what we’re talking about. The Shopify tutorials on You Tube. The ones with some dude in in the thumbnail holding up a stack of cash. The ones with big dollar promises..

Successful digital ad campaigns are much tougher and costly than explained. If you think you are going to get significant sales by spending $5 a day, you are in for a rude awakening.