The Internet Random Thoughts and Observations.

The Internet.. Random Thoughts and Observations.

The Internet Random Thoughts and Observations

Ok here goes some random thoughts about the current state of the internet. Yes I’m in both smart ass and snark mode.

I did it again. I opened up the Product Hunt app. I’m all for new ideas but I can’t find any real value coming from a Birthday Cleaner, a Simple Calculator (someone is already asking for more functions in the comments), a program to automatically mute all R Kelly songs. Hey, at least we know these options are available (I suppose).

Something I would have never predicted as a guy. Cherry – A period tracking app ranks number 145 on the Apple app store. It’s not that I can’t envision some degree of value in the app, it’s that the name is “Cherry”. I just.. I just cannot. It tells me how nearly impossible it is to predict marketing strategies.

Just Stop

Ok Poshmark, your ads are starting to sound worse than random Shopify Guru pre rolls on You Tube..

Speaking of which, I’m seeing more and more of these Shopify “experts” show up. Some are even using the same “give me 45 seconds..” opening as Alex Becker. Point of over saturation, here we are. No worries, You Tube will happily continue to accept your ads dollars.

Wine of the Month

While I’m on the subject of bullshit.. If you’re whole strategy is too take a product from Amazon that you don’t own or control, and put it on Ebay, just do your thing and quit acting like this is a great business strategy. It happens to sell and you send the customer something from Amazon they purchased on Ebay.

This is not a sustainable business model. You’re just a person trying to make a few bucks on the internet. Sure, there is a legit resale and flip shit model of making money online, though this isn’t it. It’s a real weak dropship method that borders on rule violations of both platforms.

It’s just getting silly now.

I watched the Joe Rogan Show the other night with Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde, and Tim Pool. I want to find this topic of free speech and social networks to be an interesting conversation. It didn’t take long for me to realize the whole thing is one big cluster fuck. I have no dog in this fight, but I do have a solution to the issues brought up. Stop using the platform. Your welcome.

If nothing else stop giving this platform so much power. I don’t know, I just can’t sit there and get into these arguments and debates. Ever get on Facebook or Twitter, read some posts, and feel like you’re just a little bit dumber? Ya we’ve all been there.

Rather than bicker over who is banning who, whether it was fair, whether these platforms lean right or left, who is in charge of the decision making, whether Jack Dorsey cares or not, what the banning process is, etc.. just log off the damn thing. Again, your welcome.

Did you know

George Washington won the 1789 election with just 69 electoral votes. Wonder if Imperial Russia had any influence on things. Maybe they generated some fake news by sending a newsletter by pigeon, or a message in the bottle. Maybe somebody intercepted some snail mail of whatever independent was running. Crazy to think.

Made with Visme

Did you also know that it’s now 2019 some Facebook moderators are suffering from PTSD. Yes this is just where the we are in society. Of course the typical garbage spews from the Facebook PR machine, distancing themselves from the issue. This is just sad, it really is.

The Hell is Going On?

When reading up on the BuzzFeed layoffs earlier this year, it slipped off my radar that they actually had a position of “Director of Quizzes”. Yes that was actually a thing. WTF.

The 2019 Axios Harris Poll just came out. Wegmans comes out on Top at number 1. I am fortunate enough to live near Wegmans, and can confirm it is a great place to shop for groceries.

What I was surprised about is Amazon coming in at Number 2. They have received plenty of negative press as far as the treatment of employees, working conditions, etc. I suppose this shows media chatter is just that, chatter. At the end of the day, the user experience overrides all else.

On the other end of the spectrum, not too shocking. Facebook coming in at number 94, Phillip Morris 99, The U.S. Government coming in last place. Nothing to see here, just the usual.

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Have you ever wondered?

Ever wonder what would be different if Zucks would have sold to Yahoo or Microsoft?

Ever wonder what would be different if Instagram would have sold to Twitter instead of Facebook.

Anyone else reminisce when the internet was a wide open digital land of discovery and potential. Now it’s reduced down to a few platforms where people willingly with their hands out and mouths open to take their red and blue pills.

Ok, I’m done,and I’m out! Thanks for reading my thoughts on the internet!

Tony Franks

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