1980s Smartphone

1980s – Smartphones from the Past

1980s Smart Phone

Here we are with another edition of Smartphones from the past. We wondered what a smartphone might have looked like, had the technology arrived at a different point in time. in this post we’re going with a 1980s Smartphone screen.

So far we have created a 1950s and 1990s version of what a smartphone screen may have looked like. Yes, we are only imagining the apps and software aspect, not the hardware itself.

1980s Smartphone Screen


Can still hear the phrase in the commercial – “From the Mind of Minolta”. We’re handing the 1980s version of Instagram over to Minolta. Pssst.. The feed is chronological. Woohoo! Ya, take that Zucks.

VHS Tube

As for the 80s version of YouTube? VHS of course! Betamax is so 70s, we’ve moved onto bigger and better things. Oh, and on the digital version, you don’t even have to rewind when your done. No additional fees involved!


It’s the 1980s, the golden age of video games. Can only imagine the presence a company like Atari would have had on the video game app market.

Swatch Clock

How else did people tell time in the 80s. This app was so in touch with things, you could change the colors to match what you were wearing. Plaid, neon, plain, the good folks at Swatch Watch and Clocks are all over this.

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Floppy Disk

No cloud storage available just yet, so the good old floppy disk will do the trick. Much simpler and the data it held screamed 1980s!

900 Number Directory

You’ve gotta figure, the internet put a real hurting on the world of 1-900 numbers. Let’s just assume the 1980s internet would have had a spot for 900 numbers. People still would have wanted a human voice to tell them their horoscopes, a good steamy love story, or the secret to get rich.

What a business. The internet made it real tough to charge $6.99 for the first minute, and 99 cents every additional minute. Damn technology.

B. Dalton Bookseller

Ya, no kindles or ibooks in those days. B. Dalton wins our book app selection.

Garbage Pail Kids

Who didn’t love these things? Ok well, who didn’t at least know about them. Yes our version is the Trash Pail Kids and yes, that is a head exploding.

Michael Jackson Music

We imagine the king, MJ would have been the top music app on a 1980s Smartphone. We tried to do sparkling glove for the app logo, but that just wasn’t happening.

Either way this is the one stop shop for the likes Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Van Halen, Run DMC, Aerosmith, The Boss Springsteen, and more.

Fruit Stripe

Oh the nostalgia a stick of gum can manifest. Classic gum, with a flavor burst that is here one moment, gone the next. An yes, that is a horse, not a Zebra. Go easy!

Miami Vice

We are calling it Florida Vice, loaded with neon colors, sunshine, and palm trees. It the 80s, crime is running rampant in the sunshine state, Crockett and Tubbs are all the rage, white sport coats and all.

Of course there would have been a Miami Vice app on a 1980s Smartphone. Episodes, apparel, games, and all.

Rubik’s Cube

This genius device almost blew a hole in the universe. Between its popularity and the brain power needed to figure it out, the planets shifted just a bit. Good thing people said screw it and just peeled the stickers off and laid them where they needed to be. At least the app would have only broken the internet and not the galaxy.

Godiva Truffle Flight Banner

Bell Atlantic

Yes the world of phone companies and communications looked much different in the 80s. Company consolidation hadn’t run its course to where it is today. Bell Atlantic was still a thing, and here is your directory.

Care Bears

We agree this wasn’t the cutest version for a logo, but just wait till you open the app. Friend Bear, Love A Lot Bear, Tender Bear, and even Grumpy Bear will provide all the cuteness a human can handle. Needed something on your screen to counter those Trash Pail kids right.

USA for Africa

A completely amazing performance for a completely amazing cause. There would have been an app for that, we’re sure of it.

Trapper Keeper

Oh the nostalgia associated with that name. Schools grades K through Twelve we’re loaded with these things, you can be sure an 80s smartphone would have had a digital Trapper Keeper.

That is that, thanks for checking us out!

The 89 Prime Time Travel Team
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