5 Useless Garbage Categories on the Internet.

5 Useless Garbage Categories on the Internet.

5 Useless Garbage Categories on the Internet

Ya, so I was complaining on the internet, the other day. While ranting, I mentioned I was going to write a listicle about regurgitating useless garbage that has flooded the net over the years and wasted an unquantifiable amount of cyberspace.

Today I’m going to clump up these heaps of trash and lay them out in a listicle format. The masses have spoken, on what they will and will not click on, so here is a list, to help you process this garbage.

Yes I’m in real smart ass mode today. I’ll begin where I left off while in this said rant.

Useless Garbage Category 1

Productivity Tips Stop Proving Them

Productivity Tips. Stop Providing Them.

Ya we have seen more than enough content on how to be more productive..

6 tips to dominate the first hour of the day, 5 productivity hacks to get the most out of something, 3 tactics to do at night to help you in the morning, 4 practices that Tony Robbins does in the afternoon, 7 things that Tim Ferris eats in the Spring, and yada, yada yaaa.

Enough is enough. People have more than enough resources to get their shit together. The “wisdom” in these lists, have been done ad nauseam and often unrealistic. These things tend to ad more onto someone’s plate and surprise, surprise, there is often something to recommended for purchase in there.

Plus the name dropping has gotten out of control. Authors using them in the title to gain brownie points either from the reader or Google. You have no fucking clue what Zig Ziglar did to start his day. He’s been dead for a while for starters. Also, what his morning routine was in 1960 something just might not be realistic today. Just some food for thought.

The motivational and self help world serves a purpose but wow is it oversaturated. Some 26 year old single dude, making $38 grand a year, up to his eyeballs in school loans and credit card debt, renting an apartment with a roommate dropping knowledge bombs on Medium explaining how to maximize the day. You don’t know shit.

Can you give, the 43 year old single mom, with three kids, working two jobs some advice? Ya sure. Do you have any practical experience in that world? Do you really understand the grind it involves? Not even a little bit. Go accomplish some shit first. In the meantime, leave Tim Ferris’s name out of your headlines.

On that note..

Useless Garbage Category Number 2

Glorification of the Hustle

Glorification of the Hustle. Time end it.

Stop letting everyone know how much you’re hustling. Seriously, get a life. It’s time to kill that shit, and it’s usually bullshit anyways. And if you want to grind yourself down to the bone, whatever, do what you gotta do. Just leave the rest of us out of it. I can assure you, nobody cares.

Besides if you were  really hustling you wouldn’t have time for this shit. The time you spent creating thirty hashtags, adding filters, writing a post, and everything else that goes into your daily social media grooming can be spent driving an Uber.

You consider it hustling. You have that much time to create 4 Instagram photos, 12 story posts, 2 LinkedIn articles, 10 Tweets, 3 Facebook updates, a Snapchat story line, some garbage on TikTok, 6 Pins, and whatever the hell you’re doing on Reddit, and your doing this every 24 hours. You’ve got the hustle thing all wrong.

Wine of the Month

If you’re really hustling, then just hustle. Stop buying into Internet personalities and other nonsense and get to work. Like I said, nobody cares, especially on social media. People will notice in real life and compliment you on hard work and accomplishments. That is far more gratifying than a digital like, heart, or favorite.

Also, consider stopping to enjoy the world every now and again. Ya know, the real one and not the one on your phone, that you’re trapped in. It’s actually refreshing!

Useless Garbage Category Number 3

Family Vlogging Overdone

Family Vlogging. Overdone.

Ok I’m sure, there are plenty of well meaning families that do the whole vlogging thing the right way. Then, there are others that don’t.

I’ve come across an too many “divorce posts” recently. A few of these posts were made on Tik Tok and involve children, this pisses me off. Look, you wanna put your life on display for the world to see, that’s cool but your kids can’t make that decision.

Yes there is a possibility some of this is schtick and the parents aren’t really getting divorced. I don’t care, your still using a child in the video, and they’re upset or crying. And to do it on Tik Tok.. wtf, isn’t this app built for 12 year olds. To what extent are you desperate for attention.

Another case in point is Katie Bower. Katie is a “Mommy blogger”, who posted a pic of one of boys on his birthday. She confessed that it upset her that this specific kid (not posting his name) statistically never generated as many Instagram likes as the other children.

Wow, lady you actually noticed that? I’m sure the kid has all the potential to grow up, lead a happy and healthy life, and do great things in this world. None of this has to do with Instagram vanity metrics.

Made with Visme

The Instagram post has since been deleted or archived, after the backlash. It’s just really flippin’ sad a bunch of strangers on the internet had to explain how and why her post was f’ed up. She’s wondering if it was the algorithm, but he may grow up and notice these lopsided metrics.. Wow, just wow.

Oh and by the way, the families Instagram page is still going strong. Looks like all types of promotions for products, between Katie and her husband. Let’s just assume that they are promoting these products out of the goodness of their hearts as there is no sign of any ftc required disclosure on any recent posts.

If that wasn’t enough..

Remember Sam and Nia Rader? Back in August 2015, Husband Sam breaks the news to Wife Nia that she is pregnant after he took a pregnancy test for her using, eh um.. unflushed toilet water”.

A few days later they announced that Nia, had a miscarriage during a tearful and now deleted YouTube video.

While there were plenty of tears and well wishes sent their way along with an onslaught of hate and questioning whether the whole thing was staged.

So there is that, but then it was later revealed that Sam was mixed up in the whole Ashley Madison data dump event. Turns out Nia forgave him mixed in with putting the blog on pause for a bit.

You all wanted attention, you got it. Hope the YouTube clicks and influencers generated ad dollars were worth it.

Again, I really don’t care what adults do, but when their kids are part of the equation I raise an eyebrow. The kids get caught up in all this garbage. That and it’s likely that their are younger kids watching all this drama.

There are others that seem to be doing the family vlogging thing in a more appropriate manner. The Eh Bee family seems like they understand their responsibility as parents (at least on the surface).

The issue comes when parents pull bullshit stunts or equate social media metrics with their kids abilities, qualities, and worth. If people don’t take the power away from these vloggers and bloggers in providing metrics by watching, hitting the like, commenting etc.. then the brands sponsoring them will be left to answer for them.

Useless Garbage Category Number 4

Facebook. Stop Arguing. You Look Like An Idiot.

Facebook. Stop Arguing. You Look Like an Idiot.

Have some dignity. You’re a grown adult.. even if you’re a kid, stop.

Just because CNN or Fox posts something you don’t agree with, there is no upside to chiming in with your opinion. There is really no upside to getting into spats with others. Yes, others are entitled to their opinions, just as you are. No need to lose your shit because someone sees things differently than you.

Oh and you.. that is a bot a bot you’re arguing with. Not sure if it’s Russian, but it’s a bad look regardless..

Notice the account said something inflammatory on a popular news post, they don’t respond back to any of the comments, they have limited content available for you to see on their profile, and the option to friend them is ghosted out. Yes you’re yelling at a bot.

You may have to apply for a job someday and your potential employer might take a look at your online behaviors. Ya know, to see how sharp of a tool their dealing with. Think about that.

Even if you’re not in the job market, you’re embarrassing other family members. It doesn’t take long before they stop answering for you, when others ask if you’re ok.

This may take some work, as we’re emotional beings but it’s not as hard as you think. Next time you come across something on a social network you disagree with, just keep strolling. Deep breath, count to ten, ask yourself if it’s worth it. Seriously your blood pressure (and relatives) will appreciate it.

Useless Garbage Category Number 5

Facebook Ad Gurus

Facebook Ad Gurus. Enough. Nobody is Getting Rich by Dropshipping Commodities.

Let’s come to terms with something. Facebook has changed and upended the world of advertising, however it’s reputation may have exceeded what it’s capable of delivering for most companies or people.

If you want to raise awareness for a cause, have message to deliver, or an event you want to bring public attention to, Facebook ads can be a great tool. Like most good things there’s going to be a not so great side

This “thought” that has grow over the years, that Facebook ads are the key to raking in endless amounts of dough, has hit a breaking point. We went into detail on this topic, What Shopify Gurus Don’t Tell You. There is so much more that goes into running a successful ad campaign most people will end up dissatisfied and disappointed.


This isn’t to say Facebook ads don’t “work”. They do, when done right. They work when someone is promoting a quality product, on a quality website, with a quality ad copy, aimed at a quality audience. That’s a far cry from what so many people execute. Watch some of these videos on YouTube claiming they’ll show you how to take a Shopify store from scratch to 10 grand a week. It’ a joke but people see that potential dollar sign and they bite.

There are plenty of good people providing honest content on how to run Facebook ads. There are plenty of clowns out there, overpromising results and spewing garbage. Be aware or this useless garbage category can turn you bank account into useless garbage.

As much as I love writing in smart ass mode, I’ll stop here.

Thank you for reading. Look forward to doing it again, soon!

Tony Franks
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