Blogging One Month In

Blogging One Month In Observations and Thoughts

Blogging 1 Month In

We just crossed the one month mark here at 89 Prime. Fist pump!

Figured this would be a good time to address what lessons we learned during this short time. Plenty of blogging tips and listicles out there from veteran bloggers and writers. Not as much feedback from sites and writers who are just exiting their rookie month.

A quick look back over this short time and see what bites of wisdom we can generate.

In no particular order..

Don’t force creativity, stay persistent though. Pressing creativity, seems to stifle it. It’s the type of thing that works a lot better when it’s allowed to flow.

Acknowledge advice of the greats, don’t take it as law. Stephen King advises against using adverbs. I don’t exactly agree with that.. ha, see what I did there? Does Stephen King have a greater body of knowledge and expertise than I do, on the subject of writing? Of course he does. I’m more conscious of using adverbs in my writing, the logic is understood.

At the end of the day, I’m not Stephen King, and neither are you. I’ll use them where I feel they fit. You can figure out your own style too! There is one big dose of beauty in having the choice.

Illy Coffee

I’ve read some bloggers and other expert suggest to “blog everyday”. Some days, it just ain’t gonna happen. There is a lot of value in writing consistently. Wouldn’t argue against it for a second. With that said, sometimes life gets in the way. Not talking TV show get’s in the way or too lazy to try get in the way, but real life stuff.

Seems unnecessary to allow previous work to seem less of an accomplishment because of a 24 hour. Just keep going. That’s all there is too it.

While writing an article, several future article are spawned. Obvious for some people, others consider it a distraction. Right now been on one of those “let the ideas flow” type of kick.

Keep typing. Keep the keyboard clicking and clacking. From inside the mind and onto a device. The floodgates can open at any time, keep it moving.

Fear is powerful. Don’t let it cripple you. Just keep going, keep writing. Some will love your work, some will hate it. Embrace that possibility. It usually means you stood for something. It means you actually did something. This has always been part of writing. Nobody ever did anything great, while having zero criticism, valid or not.

Are pen names still a thing?  Haven’t figured that out just yet.

I don’t have a preference on time of day that I write. This has a lot to do with juggling numerous aspects of life. Night bloggins is always cool though!

Dark Keyboard Lit

On that note, I also don’t have a specific preference on which device I write from.  The laptop is the one I prefer to actually post the article. While in writing mode, the ideas are more important than the device I transfer them too.

Any Seth Godin fans out there? Gets a full endorsement from 89 Prime. For any new blogger looking for valuable advice, Seth is worth a listen. His teachings are practical and can be applied from day one. No SEO, no gobbledygook, no social media, just create something worth contributing to the world.

Ruby Chocolate

Medium is an interesting platform, though we haven’t published anything there yet. Subject to change but for now, we’ll just blog out here in the wild!

As for LinkedIn, the answer is no. Just no.

We are extremely fortunate to be living in a time where the Internet allows us to connect.  We are also fortunate there are countless tools available to work with. For example, how many WordPress plugins are available to improve the performance or look of a blog for zero charge.  Again, fortunate we are.

If you are looking to incorporate affiliate programs and advertising in your site early on, sometimes it’s simply worth just “going for it”. There were times where I was hesitant to apply for an affiliate program, after reading other sites suggesting that you had to have a certain amount of content or time online.

Once I just said “screw it, let’s see what happens” I was approved for much more than I was denied for. If I get denied, I can always apply again in the future.

Hats Banner

Listicles are a huge turnoff. Not saying you’ll never see one on this site but it just feels like clickbait. Many use the tactic for search engine optimization, some do it for traffic. We get it. We’ve read the data points suggesting it’s in a bloggers best interest, however we doing things different here.

If it doesn’t pertain to or contribute to making a post better, we’re out. The Buzz Feeds and Business Insiders of the world can stick with that strategy. We want to do our part to contribute to a better internet, not just to get traffic for the sake of clicks. Not interested in that game.

There’s enough of us that like to geek out on SEO, yet we are making it a point not get too caught up in it. Search Engine Optimization kicks and benders are fine as long as the priority is quality content. We are writing for the readers, we are writing for ourselves, not the Google gods.. orr the Yahoo gods, or the Bing gods, or the Duck Duck Go.. ok we’ll stop.

Reading often inspires ideas. Heard this one over and over. It’s true. If you want to be a great writer, be prepared to read a lot. If you’re not reading enough, or at all, give it a shot. The value becomes apparent in a short amount of time.

That is that. Going to stop here. Hope this brings value to others in one form or another. We’ll check back in a few weeks and do this again. It’ll be interesting to see what has changed and evolved.

Thanks for checkings us out!!

89 Prime