Cheese and Chocolate Pairing

Cheese and Chocolate Pairing

Cheese and Chocolate Pairing

Time for another food outing here at 89 Prime. All geared up and ready for a Cheese and Chocolate Pairing.

We’ve been on a roll recently with craft beer and chocolate pairings, though today we decided to switch it up a bit. We’ll swap out the brews and bring in the cheese!

Blue Cheese by Black River Paired with Bo Peep 88 percent Dark Chocolate by Cocopotamus.

Black River Blue Cheese and 88 percent Dark Chocolate

For our first cheese and chocolate pairing we’re going to start with a blue cheese and dark chocolate. The blue cheese is by Black River out of Richfield WI. Aged at 60 days, it’s ready for consumption.

We’ll pair it up with Bo Peep chocolate truffle by Cocopotamus out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This truffle checks in at 88 percent dark chocolate and is infused with organic black raspberry. All natural, handmade, gluten free, and topped off with extra dark cocoa powder from Switzerland.

This should be an interesting pairing. Curious to find out what roll the black raspberry plays in the flavor blend.

Pairing Details and Notes:

Ready to roll.. Tasted the cheese first, simple small bite.

Strong blue cheese taste. Good flavor progression. Allowed the taste to settle.

Took a second bite of the cheese, just a bit smaller than the first.

Took half a bite of the Cocopotamus truffle.

Wine of the Month

88 percent dark makes for a strong, dark flavor. Can taste a hint of raspberry.

As the chocolate flavor settled, took another bite of the blue cheese.

Excellent flavor burst. The tastes of both the chocolate and cheese were and excellent compliment to one another.

Note that the raspberry flavor was not as noticable when blended with the cheese, however it added to the overall flavor profile.

Repeated the process with the other half of the chocolate truffle, followed by another bite of the blue cheese. Again, excellent!

Pleasant aftertaste with just a hint of chocolate outlasting the cheese.

Final Pairing Verdict: Big thumbs up here. The flavor profiles on both sides worked together well. Even progression with a smooth aftertaste. Recommended for sure!

Babybel Cheese paired with 34 percent Milk Chocolate by Lake Champlain Chocolates.

Babybel Mini and Lake Champlain Milk Chocolate

Next up we’re going to lighten things up a bit. We went with Babybel Minis in the Original Semi Soft packaging for this pairing. This is an Edam cheese that is packaged up in ready to go mini “wheels”.

As for the chocolate we’re going with Lake Champlain Chocolates out of Burlington Vermont. A 34 percent milk chocolate should make for a good pairing.

Pairing Details and Notes:

Cut the Babybel cheese circle into quarters to use as a serving size.

Likewise did the same with Milk Chocolate square.

Start with the cheese before the chocolate. Soft, mild taste.

Let the flavor progress and settle, then took another bite.

Time for the chocolate. Consumed the quarter of the square.

Cheese of the Month

Smooth flavor, nice flavor progression.

Not as strong as strong as the blue cheese and dark chocolate combination.

As the flavor progressed, a nutty profile emerged.

Chocolate taste outlasting the cheese in the aftertaste department.

Final Pairing Verdict: On the lighter side taste wise, though certainly a good pairing. A dark chocolate would have worked as well. Next pairing we’ll switch it up, and test it out. Green light on this pairing.

Gorgonzola Cheese by Black River paired with A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate by Lindt.

Black River Gorgonzola Cheese and Lindt Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

For this cheese and chocolate pairing we’re going back to the blue cheese department. This time we’ll use Gorgonzola cheese, once again by Black River. This cheese is aged at 90 days and looks the part!

On that note, we’ll head back to the dark chocolate department as well. We’ll pair it up with A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate and fleur de sel (sea salt) by Lindt Excellence. Often you see salt as part of a chocolate flavor profile. This help bring out the sweetness in chocolate, and we’ll see what role it plays in a cheese pairing.

Pairing Details and Notes

Once again, start with a little small piece of the cheese and let the flavor progress.

Seemed to be a slightly stronger flavor than the previous blue cheese pairing.

Another small piece of the cheese and ready for the chocolate.

Taste of the salted dark chocolate.. Nice strong flavor burst.

Godiva Truffle Flight Banner

Another piece of the cheese, followed by another piece of the chocolate.

Again, very pleasant blend. Seemed the salted chocolate did play a positive role in this pairing.

As for the aftertaste, like our first two pairings, the chocolate outlasted the cheese.

Final Verdict: Another thumbs up. This pairing certainly creates a strong flavor blend, as to be expected with an aged blue cheese and dark chocolate. Recommended and green lighted!

We’ll stop at three for this cheese and chocolate pairing. It seems only natural that a beer and cheese pairing is on the way. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

89 Prime Taste Testing Team!

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