Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairings

Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairings.
Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairings

We have beer and we have chocolate! A new edition of craft beer and chocolate pairing! Our first of 2019. It is a tough job but somebody has to do it!

21 and Over Please

We’re going to jump right into things here. If you would like to brush up on how to create your own craft beer and chocolate pairing, tasting methods, with some suggestions, click here. Don’t feel like all that? Just remember.. Drink a swig or two of beer, eat a bite or two of chocolate, then another couple tastes of beer.  Not the only method, but it is how we are approaching these pairings.

Ready, to roll? So are we!

Dead Guy Ale by Rogue paired with Dark Chocolate Vanilla Godiva G Cubes.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Godiva G Cubes

Our friends at Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon are a blessing to those who embrace the nuances of craft beer. Alcohol by Volume, International Bitterness Units, Plato Degrees, Liter Degrees, and Apparent Attenuation. All stats available.

For Dead Guy Ale we have a German Maibock style ale with stats that include: 6.8 percent ABV, 40 IBU, 16 degrees plato, 16 degrees L, and 78 AA.

Godiva Truffle Flight Banner

For our chocolate choice, we have the Godiva G Cubes ready to go. Dark assorted box is pictured, dark vanilla for the pairing.

Pairing Detail and Thoughts.

More of an amber color than anticipated. Guess the name, skeleton, and can color left an impression the beer would be darker. Not a bad thing, actually prefer a beer not too dark or heavy when pairing.

Two healthy swigs. Light carbonation, smooth aftertaste. Should make for a good pairing.

Bit into the “cube” of chocolate and took another taste of the ale.  Repeat.

Appropriate contrast between the beer and chocolate.

Darker/Amber beer, good blend with a dark chocolate and touch of white chocolate.. aka vanilla.

The white ganache was a nice touch, however it had zero noticeable impact on the actual taste.

Godiva G Cubes Dark Chocolate and Vanilla

No one flavor between the ale and the chocolate was dominant over the other. Excellent pairing.

Rogue makes great beer and Godiva, great chocolate. This helps a pairing go a long way.

Final Pairing Verdict: Good Pairing. Would Recommend!

Saint of Circumstance by Collective Arts Brewing paired with Chocolove Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate.

This craft beer is labeled as citrus blonde ale with orange lemon zest. Made in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, it checked in at 4.7 percent alcohol.

The Chocolove xoxox is out of Boulder Colorado. The Orange Peel blend consists of freeze dried orange peels “enveloped” in Belgian dark chocolate. Cocoa content is listed at 55 percent.

Pairing Notes

Let’s call this the wildcard.  It’s going against whatever conventional wisdom exists in the world of pairings. We are going lighter beer, darker chocolate. It’s possible we’re going too far in opposite directions. Let’s give ‘er a shot!

Light and pleasant taste in the beer alone. Noticeable citrus aftertaste.

Wine of the Month

This is labeled as an ale with orange and lemon zest.  There were moments where the citrus flavors had a tendency to compete with the ale. To say this is a good or bad thing, depends on individual preference. If citrus is your thing, you’ll love it!

The cocoa brought the taste together well.

Dark chocolate neutralized much of the competition between the citrus flavors and the beer.

The orange flavor in a dark chocolate was compatible with the citrus blonde.

Final Pairing Verdict: So so. Overall this was a decent pairing, however it has its flaws. We would have been better off using a milk chocolate with a lower cocoa percentage.

Side note on the beer:

Collective Arts Saint of Circumstances Band

We want to give credit for the art and culture at Collective Art Brewing. The artist for this series is Anders Erickson. Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. You can see the series at


Also, Music by Lanikai. Motor Inn on the Lanikai album!

Art, music, and beer. The finer things in this world. Great concept over at Collective Arts Brewing!

Cold Brew 2.0 by Rogue paired with Blonde Crunchy Almond by Frey.

Rogue Cold Brew 2.0 with Frey Blond Crunchy Almond

This brew is a blonde ale with cold brew coffee. Again this is Rogue Brewing so here are the stats for those keeping score at home: 5.6 percent ABV, 30 IBU, 12 degrees P, 7 degrees L, and 90 AA.

We have some Swiss chocolate for this pairing! Frey Swiss Premium Chocolate is based out of Buchs, Switzerland. The chocolate used for this pairing is distributed by Sweet Works Confections in Buffalo, NY. The Blond Bar is caramelized white chocolate with loaded with almonds (27 percent as per label).

Pairing Notes

We decided to combine blondes. Blonde ale and a blond crunchy almond bar. Note: spelling of blonde or blond is package specific.

Love the way Rogue blends the blonde ale with a hint of coffee.

Slight scent of coffee, not overpowering.

Hats Banner

Good couple of first sips.. Love it.

Not a huge fan of white chocolate, however this done up a bit different. As noted, the product is caramelized with plenty of almonds.  Suppose this is why Frey calls this” blond” and not white.

A bite of the bar followed by another taste of the brew.. Flavor boom!

And again. Another boom!

Yes this is a good pairing. The brew, the hint of coffee, caramel, and almonds all work together well! Even for chocolate purists who don’t like the whole white chocolate thing might like this pairing.

Final Pairing Verdict: Love it! Would recommend!

Beer of the Month Club

Bavarian Lager by Samuel Adams paired with Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate by LCC.

This version of Sam Adams is labeled as a golden lager with bright citrus notes. 5.5 percent alcohol and 18 IBUs.

The chocolate is by Lake Champlain Chocolates out of Burlington Vermont. 57 percent dark chocolate squares filled with golden caramel and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Pairing Notes and Thoughts

Before we get into the details we should note, our designated taste tester enjoyed this Sam Adams so much, there wasn’t even enough left to fill the glass for the pic.. Rookies.  Anyways..

After our tester scarfed down the brew, the chocolate was up next.

Good Pairing.  Really good pairing.

The lighter nature of this brew was an excellent beer for a salted caramel style chocolate.

Percentage of cocoa is ideal for a golden lager. Not too bitter, yet strong enough to compliment the flavor.

The caramel flavor was not overpowering, yet it did outlast the other flavors of the pairing.

Final Pairing Verdict: Thumbs up! Um, any more Bavarian Lager around?

That is it.  We are done. We still got one taste tester looking for Sam Adams and the rest are planning the next pairing.

Thank you for reading!

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