Craft Beer and Cocopotamus Chocolate Pairings

Craft Beer and Cocopotamus Chocolate Pairing
Craft Beer and Cocopotamus Pairings

Ready for another Craft Beer and Chocolate pairing? We certainly are! For all these pairings, we will be using an in-house favorite chocolate of ours! Goes by the name Cocopotamus.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico Cocopotamus are all natural gourmet chocolate truffles. No artificial flavors, colors, hydrogenated oils, or any other nonsense. Just the good stuff!!

21 and Over Please

Let’s get to testing..

Irish Breakfast Ale by Resurgence Brewing paired with Blame Canada – Maple Dark Chocolate Fudge Truffle.

Resurgence Irish Breakfast and Cocopotamus Blame Canada Maple Chocolate Truffle

First up we have Resurgence Brewing out of Buffalo, NY. Apparently the good folks at at Resurgence do their breakfast Irish style. A red ale with a maple and coffee blend. It checks in at 5.5 percent alcohol, and we have just the chocolate to pair it with.

That chocolate is Blame Canada – Maple dark chocolate truffle with turbinado sugar. For maple fans, it’s a thing of beauty!

Pairing Details and Notes.

Jumping right in here, let’s start with a maple flavor pairing!

Aroma of maple and coffee, as advertised.

A couple of significant sips of the Irish Ale. Smooth drinking, pleasant aftertaste.

Can taste the maple and coffee. Flavors blend together well, not competing with each other.

Time for the maple dark chocolate truffle. Note the name Cocopotamus gave it – Blame Canada. Love it!


Bite half the truffle and savor the tastes for a few moments. My God, if you like maple you’ll love this truffle. Turbinado sugar on the outside makes for an added crunch, and the perfect amount of sweetness.

Not a huge dark chocolate fan, yet the flavor blend is amazing. Wouldn’t know if it’s dark or milk as the maple and sugar compliment each other too a tee!

Sip the ale again.. Amazing pairing. Maple heaven. Considering this pairing provides maple from both sides, it does not overpower other flavors involved. Even and smooth taste progression. No dominant aftertaste. Just about a perfect pairing.

Other half of the truffle and more Irish ale. This can go on all night!

Final Pairing Verdict: Thumbs up, fingers up, whole body up! Phenomenal pairing, would absolutely recommend!

Redhead by Woodcock Brothers Brewing paired with Miss Congeniality Hazelnut Cherry Milk Chocolate.

Woodcock Brothers Redhead with Cocopotamus Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

Next craft beer up is Red head amber ale by Woodcock Brothers Brewing out of Wilson, NY. This ale scales in 5.5 percent ABV.

We’ll partner it up with Miss Congeniality, a hazelnut cherry with a blend of milk chocolate. Truffles done Cocopotamus style. Yum.

Pairing Details and Notes.

Ready to mix up some flavors on this pairing. Good feeling, heading in.

Open the ale up and pour. Redhead living up to its name with a good amber color body.

Slight malty aroma, very nice.

First two sips provide a smooth taste. Pleasant finish.

Hazelnut fan here, so definitely ready for the first bite of our this truffle. Consume half.

Beer of the Month Club

Good call on using milk chocolate in this blend. Dark may have overpowered the hazelnut-cherry combo. Just about perfect as is.

Chase the first half of the truffle our amber ale.. Flavor boom!

We are not crossing over any single flavor between the beer and the chocolate. No one flavor overpowers the other.  Smooth wave of taste, flavors dissipate at a fairly even rate.

Repeat with second half of the truffle. Another swig. Light hops in this ale very compatible with a milk chocolate truffle.

Final Pairing Verdict: Excellent pairing. Rich and even distribution of flavors! Green light.

Apricot Wheat by Ithaca Beer Co. paired with E=MC2 Triple Shot Colombian Espresso.

Ithica Beer Apricot Wheat with Cocopotamus E=MC2 Chocolate Truffle

We’re calling this pairing a wild card.. a lighter beer, darker chocolate. From a flavor standpoint, we’re going in opposite directions. Might work, might not. With that said..

Our craft beer for this pairing is an apricot wheat by Ithaca Beer Co. out of, you guessed it, Ithaca, NY. Weighing in at 5 percent ABV we are ready to proceed.

For the Cocopotamus truffle, the choice is E = MC Squared. A triple shot Colombian espresso and dark chocolate blend. To the fellow caffeine fiends out there, we’re always keeping you in mind!

Pairing Details and Notes.

Apricot aroma as expected. Beautiful wheat colored brew.

Two sips in and off to the races. Apricot fans will appreciate this blend. Yum.

Light wheat taste. Pleasant apricot flavor that blends well into the overall progression. Not overpowering and really comes through on the aftertaste.

Chocolate truffle time. Note the name E equals MC squared. All this caffeine, helps sharpen the mental blade. Perfect for blogging food pairing results.

Half the truffle, down the hatch.. Strong, steady espresso flavor. Love it.

Godiva Truffle Flight Banner

Nother swig of the apricot wheat ale.. Boom, we have a lot happening here. Flavor battle is on.

As mentioned, this pairing is a bit unorthodox. There is a lot of competition between the flavors since we are coming from different flavor strengths. A flavor battle is not a surprise.

Other half of the truffle and another taste of the brew. The apricot flavor seems to neutralize the espresso a bit, making for a unique yet pleasant taste.

The flavor progression seems to end a bit more abruptly compared to our other pairings. The dark chocolate flavor outlasts everything else as the dominant aftertaste.

Final pairing verdict: We’re giving the green light here. As expected, there was a lot going on it terms of “flavors competing” with each other. It made for plenty of taste bursts along the way.

Sam ‘76 by Samuel Adams paired with Razzmanian Devil Organic Black Raspberry with Raspberry Brandy

Sam Adams 76 and Cocopotamus Razzmanian Devil

Sam ’76 is by the Boston Beer Company. Good ole Samuel Adams out of Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts. This is an American lager that claims 4.7 percent ABV and 12 IBUs.

Our Cocopotamus choice for this pairing is Razzmanian Devil. Raspberry fans, rejoice. An amazing blend of organic black raspberry in dark chocolate, infused with raspberry brandy. Raspberry yum.

Pairing Details and Notes.

Good citrus aroma. Golden color, shade of yellow.

Couple of sips of the Sams 76 in. Lager style beer and a traditional lager style taste. Fruit notes with a hint of lemon in the aftertaste. Crisp finish.

Truffle time. Given there is a citrus profile in this lager, the raspberry flavors in this truffle will make for an interesting pairing.

Half the truffle down, follow it with another swig of the 76. Anticipated citrus blend and the raspberry addition did not disappoint.

Wine of the Month

The citrus flavors went through a fairly even progression. It weaned down at a slow even pace. Very nice.

The aftertaste was dominated by the dark chocolate, as expected.

Second half of the truffle down, nother swig. Good stuff.

Final Pairing Verdict. Thumbs up on this pairing. There was some concern that the raspberry brandy aspect of the truffle would have a negative effect on the pairing. It did not. The brandy is simply not strong enough to impact the flavors. Recommended!

Coffee Porter by 12 Gates Brewing paired with Godfather Italian Espresso with Almond and Rum.

12 Gates Coffee Porter and Cocopotamus Godfather Chocolate Truffle

Our craft beer selection for this pairing is 12 Gates Brewing out of Williamsville, NY. Here we have an “English style coffee porter” as per 12 Gates label. 5.8 percent ABV and 28 IBUs for the stat sheet.

For the Cocopotamus chocolate truffle, we’re going with Godfather. An Italian espresso with a touch of almond and rum in a dark chocolate truffle. Oh, and a roasted coffee bean on top of good measure.

Pairing Details and Notes.

For this pairing we’ll go coffee and we’ll go dark. The beer, the chocolate, all of it.

Roasted coffee aroma noticeable.

First sip and here we go. Strong taste of coffee with a hint of chocolate aftertaste. Second sip, flavor profile consistent to the first.

On a side note, this is the style of beer that gets caught up in the “is this a stout or a porter?” discussion. We’ll simply say it’s enjoyable for fans of either.

Onto the Godfather Italian espresso dark chocolate truffle. Again, love the name!

Consume half the truffle and allow the flavor progression to run its course. Savor it.. Onto another sip of the porter.

Illy Coffee

Repeat with the other half of the truffle. Got that roasted coffee bean in this bite.

Coffee is the dominant taste in this pairing, the chocolate is runner up. There is not a significant “second burst” of flavor, so coffee fans, this is a pairing you’ll love.

Final Pairing Verdict: Good pairing. Would recommend. The nature of pairings such as this tend to be dominated by one flavor. Know that going in and you have a winner. Especially for coffee lovers.

That wraps it up. Five craft beers and five Cocopotamus chocolate truffles. Hopefully this sparked some new pairing ideas.

As always, thank you for reading

89 Prime Gourmet Taste Testing Team

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