Godiva Chocolate and Craft Beer Pairings

Godiva Chocolate and Craft Beer Pairings
Craft Beer and Godiva Chocolate Truffle Pairings

We are back with some more craft beer pairings. For this round, we will be using Godiva chocolate truffles for each pairing. Specifically from the Happy Birthday Cake Truffle Flight will be used in these pairings.

21 and Over Please

Cosmic Truth Session IPA by Resurgence Brewing paired with Godiva Lemon Chiffon Truffle

Resurgence Comic Truth and Lemon Chiffon

For our first pairing, we are going with Cosmic Truth Session IPA. This beverage is by Resurgence Brewing Co out of Buffalo, NY. As noted, this a session IPA, the ABV checks in at 4.3 percent.

As for the Godiva truffle, we elect Lemon Chiffon. A slick yellow shell houses a tangy lemon filling. Lemon fans, this is the one.

Pairing Details and Thoughts

We’re going the citrus route on this pairing. Big expectations going in.

Pour the Cosmic Truth and here we go.

Has a yellow haze to the body. Pleasant aroma.

Couple of sips, savor the flavor.

Light carbonation, hint of pineapple. Beautiful citrus aftertaste, done just right.

After the taste of the IPA settled, time for the truffle.

The nature of lemon chiffon is light and fluffy. Given the citrus profile and light taste of the IPA, it should be a good fit for our truffle.

Consume half of the Godiva truffle.

Nice and light. Lemon tang, not overbearing.

Another swig of the IPA… Ohh ya, we’re onto something here.

Wine of the Month

Nice citrus flavor, nothing overpowering. Nothing sense of a bitter or sour taste.

Even flavor progression. Smooth transition into a consistent aftertaste.

Taste of the IPA slightly outlasted the truffle.

Second half of the truffle down, and repeat. Excellent.

Final Pairing Verdict – Big thumbs up, great pairing. The flavors between both sides were able to go through their progression in sync with one another. Nothing abrupt about the beginning or end taste. Very nice. Recommended.

Victory at Sea by Ballast Point paired with Godiva Cheesecake Truffle

Ballast Point Victory at Sea with Godiva Cheesecake

We like to get risky with our pairings, from time to time. Throw some unconventional pairings into the mix. Ones that we know have a chance of bombing. Hey, what fun is playing it safe all the time? We have coined it, the “wildcard pairing”. With that said, we are taking a chance on this one.

The wildcard here is Victory at Sea by Ballast Point out of San Diego, CA. This is an imperial porter with coffee and vanilla. This brew dials in at a whopping 10 percent ABV. 60 IBUs as well.

We’re going to pair it with a Godiva cheesecake truffle. A few chopped nuts on there outside of the shell and we have one good looking truffle. Here goes nothing..

Pairing Details and Thoughts

Crack Victory at Sea open and here we go.

Dark, dark, dark color. Strong coffee and roasted malt aroma.

Full swig, then another.. Strong, powerful taste. Good flavor balance. A touch of coffee in the aftertaste. Ya this porter is a beast.

Given the heavy nature and high alcohol content of the porter, it may overpower the truffle. We will find out.

Beer of the Month Club

Half the truffle and here we go. Amazing cheesecake taste.

Savor the taste for a moment, followed with another swig of the brew.

Heavy flavor blend, as expected. Decent flavor progression.

The truffle neutralized the porter a touch. Seems to bring out the vanilla flavor out.

Quick transition into a coffee aftertaste.

Final Pairing Verdict: We’re going to green light this pairing, as long as your a fan of the porter. As heavy as the beer is, it’s a blend done well. It didn’t overpower the flavors of the truffle, it did outlast it though. Remember we’re at 10 percent alcohol here so it’ll help if you’re not a lightweight or you’re simply prepared to get wasted.

Citra Hopped Live by Southern Tier Brewing paired with Godiva Pineapple Hummingbird Truffle.

Southern Tier Citra Hopped Live with Godiva Pineapple Hummingbird

For our next pairing we’re going to combine the best of both worlds from our previous two pairings. A citrus blended brew and a cheesecake base truffle.

Choice of beer is Citra Hopped Live Pale Ale by Southern Tier Brewing Co. out of Lakewood, NY.  Classified as a session pale ale, it weighs in at 5.5 percent ABV.

Truffle of choice is Pineapple Hummingbird. An orange shell filled with a ganache blend consisting of cheesecake, pineapple, banana, and hint of walnut.

Pairing Details

Open the Citra Hopped Live an pour. Bright body.

Citrus aroma, scent of oranges present.

One taste, then another. Light carbonation, light hops, light taste.

Smooth citrus flavor, though not as noticeable as the Cosmic Truth pairing. Pleasant taste nonetheless.

Good transition into the aftertaste, no dominant flavor.

Godiva Truffle Flight Banner

Consume half of the truffle. Let the flavors evolve for a moment. Light citrus flavor noticeable, primarily pineapple and banana.

Another swig of the ale. Boom.. Taste buds burst into full gear.

This pairing made for a quick flavor blast of citrus. Rapid progression to peak taste, though not overwhelming.

The taste was light on the beer and truffle individually. Definitely ramped up the flavor profile together.

They flavors dissipated at a slower rate. The pale ale outlasted the truffle taste wise. Seemed to taste a bit of the walnut in the aftertaste, though it was fleeting.

Second serving of the truffle, blast off all over again.

Final Pairing Verdict: Yes, we have a winner. If you enjoy citrus, you’ll enjoy this pairing, as these flavors blended together well. Interesting to note, this pairing had a much faster flavor progression than the Cosmic Truth and Lemon Chiffon pairing. It demonstrates, that its worth experimenting with different concoctions. Never know what you’ll get! Green light for this pairing.

Ski Bum by Ellicottville Brewing Co. (EBC) paired with Godiva Red Velvet Cake Truffle.

Ellicottville Ski Bum with Red Velvet

For this pairing we’re going with a reddish theme. An auburn colored ale with a red velvet truffle. Looks good on paper, so let’s put it to the testl.

At play is a seasonal ale built for the winter months. The name Ski Bum is a natural fit given EBC’s home base of Ellicottville, NY. As for the numbers, they check in with 6 percent ABV and 57 IBUs.

We’ll partner it up with a Red Velvet Cake truffle. A white shell with a cocoa flavor red velvet ganache.

Pairing Details and Thoughts

Ski Bum open, glass full. As advertised, auburn body.

Blend of malt and citrus in the aroma.

A few sips in and savor the moment. Crisp with a light to medium mouthfeel, taste of hops noticeable.

A bit of sweetness in the aftertaste. Let’s see how it does, with our red velvet truffle.

Half the truffle down, quality cocoa taste. Note that Red Velvet itself is not a flavor. Simple explanation: the taste falls somewhere in between a cocoa and vanilla. The red aspect is food coloring.

Ruby Chocolate

Smooth cocoa taste in the ganache. As the flavor kicks in, time for another sip of the auburn ale.

Pleasant chocolate flavor. No real flavor boom, just slow but steady taste progression.

Cocoa flavors seems to subdue the sweetness of the ale. Flavors settle at an even pace.

Simple transition into aftertaste. Taste of malt seems to outlast all other flavors.

Other half of the truffle and enjoy the rest of the ale.

Final Pairing Verdict: This is a solid pairing. It’s worth noting, if someone were trying a craft beer and chocolate pairing for the first time, this would be ideal place to start. Depending on one’s palate, getting into citrus flavors, heavy porters, etc. can be a homerun or a complete turnoff. A pairing such as this, is a good way to experience a pairing without testing the limits of your tastebuds. Thumbs up here.

We’re going to wrap up things up for this round of craft beer pairings. Yes there are two more truffles in this flight collection we didn’t utilize. That would be the Birthday Cake and Chocolate Lava Cake. We will leave those two, to the imagination. If you’re doing your own pairing, see what you come up with and let us know the results.

Thanks for checking us out!

89 Prime Taste Test Team

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