Lindt Chocolate and Craft Beer Pairings

Lindt Chocolate and Craft Beer Pairings

Lindt Chocolate and Craft Beer Pairings

Ready for another Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairing? Good, because we sure are! Today we have using Lindt Chocolate and Craft Beer Pairings. We’ll mix up the craft brews and go with Lindt Lindor Truffles on the chocolate side!

21 and Over Please

Let’s get ready to roll!

Banana Bread Beer by Wells paired with Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffles by Lindt

Wells Banana Bread Beer with Lindt Caramel Truffle

Had been looking for some Banana Bread Beer and sure enough, we came across some. Big banana bread fans at 89 Prime so we have some high expectations here!

Banana Bread Beer by Wells is the brew we are using for this pairing. Wells brewed and bottled by Marston’s PLC, Eagle Brewery out of England! It weighs in at 5.2 percent ABV.

As for the chocolate we’re going to go with Lindt Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffles.

Pairing Notes and Details:

Ok here we go. Banana Bread Beer poured out, penny copper color.

Total aroma of banana, very nice.

Big sip, plenty of banana flavor. Yum

Another couple of sips, find the banana to be a natural and pleasant flavor. It did cross my mind that the flavors may be on the artificial side, but not the case at all.

Time for the truffle. As with other pairings, we’ll go with half the truffle as a “bite”.

Even amount of caramel flavor. Not overbearing in relation to the chocolate shell.

Beer of the Month Club

As the flavor settled, then took another sip of the banana bread beer. Big flavor boom!

The caramel flavor is an excellent blend with the Banana!

Flavors progress and ease at an even pace.

Nice aftertaste. Chocolate flavors outlast beer flavors.

Another sip of the beer and then another taste of the chocolate. A pleasure to go through the pairing again!

Final Pairing Verdict: Love the pairing for sure. First time trying the banana bread beer and it did not disappoint. The caramel Lindt truffle is an ideal chocolate for the pairing, I would be interested to see how a dark chocolate would work. Next time! Thumbs up!

Smore Porter by Saranac paired with Dark Chocolate Truffles by Lindt

Smore Porter by Saranac with Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles

Time for a dark pairing here. For the craft beer we’re going with S’more Porter by Saranac Brewing out of Utica, NY. This treat checks in at 6.2 percent ABV and 22 IBUs.

We’ll pair the S’more Porter with Dark Lindor Truffles.

Pairing Notes and Details:

Opened the Smores Porter and pour. Dark color with solid head.

Absolute aroma of S’mores. Yum.

Take a sip. Absolute taste of S’mores. Yum again.

There is a lot of S’mores flavor here, almost takes over the typical porter taste.

Another sip then let the taste settle.

Wine of the Month

Time for the dark chocolate truffle.

Take a bite, and follow it up with another sip.

Ohh very nice. Plenty of flavor to go around in this pairing.

Flavors elevate quick and dissipate ate a fairly even pace.

The S’mores outlasts the chocolate taste by just a bit.

Other half of the truffle, and then another sip of the porter. Excellent.

Final Pairing Verdict: Green light, no doubt. Lot of flavors, and definitely a good idea to stay on the dark side chocolate wise. A dark salted caramel would seem to work well, if one wanted to get adventurous!

Irish Gold Golden Ale by Sullivan’s Brewing Co. paired with Milk Chocolate Truffles by Lindt

Irish Gold by Sullivans Brewing with Lindt Milk Chocolate

Once again, we’re going International on beer side. For this pairing we have Irish Gold Golden Ale by Sullivan’s Brewing Company. Batch brewed and hand packed in Ireland, as per label. The craft brew used in this pairing is out of Kilkenny Ireland and distributed out of Buffalo NY!

As for the chocolate, Milk Lindor Truffles should do the trick!

Pairing Details and Notes:

Open the golden ale and pour it out. Lives right up to its golden name.

Pleasant aroma. Light head.

Take a full taste. Clean and even taste. Crisp finish. Very nice!

Another taste and allow the flavors to settle.

Truffle time, milk chocolate style.

Made with Visme

Half the truffle consumed, then followed up with another swig of the Irish Gold.

Boom, nice flavor blend.

The chops characteristics in the ale and milk chocolate make for a proper pairing. Neither taste overpowers the other.

Tastes weaned at a fairly even pace. Can still sense the crisp finish to the brew, leaving a hint of chocolate to outlast other flavors.

Other half of the truffle, other sips to follow.

Very nice pairing. Smooth and even.

Final Pairing Verdict: That’s a yes for me! This is a good pairing though it doesn’t feel like there would be much wiggle room to go to much darker on the chocolate, though a salted variable may be possible.

Holy Moses White Ale by Great Lakes Brewing paired with White Chocolate Truffles by Lindt

Great Lakes Holy Moses White Ale with Lindt White Chocolate

We’re going light on this pairing, a white ale and a white chocolate truffle. For the craft beer, we’ve selected Holy Moses White Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Co out of Cleveland, OH. This ale is blended with spices and chamomile.

As for the chocolate counterpart, we have White Lindor Truffles.

Pairing Notes and Details:

Open up the brew and pour. Light wheat body, pleasant aroma.

Take a sip. Enjoyable white ale. Damn forgot the orange. Still a great taste.

Light taste, almost fruity notes.

Take another swig, and let flavors progress.

Time for half of the white chocolate truffle.

Follow the truffle by a sip of the white ale.

Nice taste, plenty of flavor. Smooth.

Godiva Truffle Flight Banner

One punch style flavor. Smooth fleeting taste

Aftertaste settled quick but flavor weaned at an even pace.

Other half the truffle, another swig. Nice and light!

Taste of chocolate slightly outlasts brew.

Final Pairing Verdict: This is a good pairing given we are working with white chocolate. The beer is light enough where it doesn’t overpower the truffle. Remember white chocolate is technically more a confection, but we’ll save that discussion for another day. Green light on the white ale, white chocolate pairing!

Well that is that, thank you for reading this edition of Lindt Chocolate and Craft Beer Pairings!

89 Prime Taste Test Team

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