Ruby Chocolate

Ready for Ruby Chocolate
Ready for Ruby Chocolate

Took a while to get to the U.S. but Ruby Chocolate has made it, and just time for Valentines Day!

We have just the suggestion courtesy of Harry & David. Ruby Cacao in Truffle form, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Here is an excerpt written from the Fall of 2017 when Ruby was brought to the market.

Pink Chocolate, Ruby Chocolate, 4th Chocolate, or Hype?

Coined the “Fourth Chocolate” as part of it’s introduction, we may have a new category coming to the chocolate market soon.  Dark, Milk, and White are established three and now Ruby Chocolate is knocking on the door wanting into the club. This pink colored confection was introduced to the world in September 2017 at an event in Shanghai, China by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut.

Is that Pink Chocolate?

The official Barry Callebaut website explains that ruby chocolate is created from the ruby cocoa bean.  The natural flavor and colors from the bean are unlocked through what is described as “a unique processing”.

It is made clear there are no berries, berry flavors, or color added to the product and the pink hue is all natural. It’s worth noting in their introductory blog post, Barry Callebaut never uses the term “pink chocolate”. The term has mostly grown through internet chatter and talk. Actually, they use the word “reddish”.

The taste is described as meeting somewhere between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness. An “intense sensorial delight”. This suggests not only a new look, but a new taste, when compared to the other three categories of chocolate. Some bloggers who had the opportunity to actually get a taste, seem to be on the same page with the berry fruity part, yet report it tastes nothing like what we tend to consider chocolate. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask.

Before we see this product being marketed, packaged, and sold as “chocolate” it is going to have to clear some hurdles, one being the FDA here in the States. Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago that what we now know as White chocolate, could be sold as “chocolate”. On the surface, it seems as if this product should qualify, yet will still have to go through the process.

Ruby Chocolate
Millennials and Die Hards

Barry Callebaut’s chief innovation and quality officer, Peter Boone has made it clear that millennials will be a target market. Using the term “hedonistic indulgence”, Mr. Boone believes ruby chocolate will likely fill a void in the market per consumer research. This indicates they are not worried about the court of public opinions of the traditional chocolate lover.

To that point, one area this product does not seem to be sitting well with, is the gourmet and finer food industry. Given that Barry Callebaut has been secretive thus far about the process the ruby bean goes through, there is some questioning on the purity and quality of the product.  

There’s also the criticism that this is simply gimmicks and hype in an effort to make sales and has nothing to do with creating a good quality chocolate. The skepticism is natural. It’s been 80 years, yet it’s not uncommon for some die hard chocolate lovers, to consider white chocolate a confection and nothing more, given its lack of chocolate solids and cocoa powder. Ruby will certainly have to earn its way into the club, for some.

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We are certainly intrigued by ruby chocolate, and will certainly keep an eye on this story. No definitive release date has been announced. It likely depends on location, but it sounds like it could be anywhere in the 2018 calendar year or early part of 2019. In the meantime, we get to enjoy all the fine chocolates choices we have!

Thanks for reading!

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