Smart Phone from the Past 1950s

Smart Phones from the Past – 1950s

Ever wonder what a smart phone from the past might have looked like? Had they been introduced in a different decade, what types of apps and features would be present?

We did. Figured the 1950s would be a good decade as to start.

And here is our 1950s Style Smart Phone.

1950s Smart Phone Screen

Thought Process.

We didn’t focus on the hardware here. Just imagining what apps might have been around, based on modern day user interface.

Alexander Graham Bell got some action. Being the father of the telephone, he has his own virtual store, and Bell is the service provider.

Have to give Kodak camera its place, along with the proper film. Kodachrome app fits the bill. Wouldn’t want your pics coming back screwy.

We figured Zenith would have been the video kings and RCA would have ruled sound. The You Tubes and Spotifys of their time.

Tip of the cap to Encyclopedia Britannica as the “go to” information app.

As for the kiddos, you know Mickey Mouse and Barbie would have a presence. Imagine they take a game angle to their apps.

Picture Angry Birds, 1950s style. Flinging Mickey, Donald, and Pluto into obstacles. It’s a natural fit.

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Can’t mention the demise of Sears without bringing up Amazon. Naturally, Sears Roebuck would be the shopping app on almost every device.

We gave the department store app to Ames. These tend to be regional but with a smart phone, anything is possible. Digital catalogs at their finest.

The typewriter app would be a natural notepad.

Oh and Lucky Strike cigarettes would undoubtedly be the in the mix. People complain, smoke settles, tobacco companies find a way. Hey it’s the 50s.

Of course we have a Jazz app, i-Elvis, and NBC Radio would be at the forefront of communication.

Finally, don’t forget the Duck and Cover app, turtle shell and all. With World War 2 fresh enough in everyone’s minds, definitely a key feature of any 1950s smart phone. Nuclear drill tested an approved!

Well, that is that. We’ll leave the rest to the imagination.

Thanks for reading!


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