Social Media Marketing Rant

Social Media Marketing Rant

Social Media Marketing Rant

Attention Marketers, Ad Agencies, and Buyers. A rant by a pissed off marketer.

Whether you’re a full service ad agency, or a one person company, here are some points to consider.. Really this is more about me than you. Admittedly this is just a way to vent. I can’t be the only one who sees the utter nonsense and over hyped garbage that is spewed in the world of digital ads.

Where do I start?

How about starting with the walking, talking advertisement for Facebook ads himself, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk. Inspired by a Gary Vee pep talk? Heard one of his onstage sales pitches for digital ads?

Here is what Gary Vee is not telling you:

You are entering the world of advertising.  A cut throat, blood soaked, red ocean. If you are diving in, you are coming for someone else’s sales. Those sales are not so easily given up.

Mr. Vaynerchuk seems like a good guy, and this is not meant to bash him. He sells the concept of digital ads well, though tends to oversimplify the sheer volume of work and amount of expertise, needed to run a successful ad campaign. The Facebook ad manager can be incredibly complex and takes a lot of trials and testing.

Wine of the Month

This is beyond a full time job, and can become costly. It’s easy to say not to worry about the ROI of social media, yet tough to ignore for long, when real dollars are attached.  Bottom line: If you think you are simply going start running ads, and all will be well, a real wake up call awaits you.

Random ad agency awkwardly running a Twitter ad.

Don’t tell me you’re going help me with my LinkedIn strategy. I’m going to say it straight up: Nobody likes LinkedIn, not even the people who work at LinkedIn. The only help I need on LinkedIn, is the “delete account” option.  Save your spam for someone else.

Advice for newbie Facebook advertisers.

It is important to have a number of things in order before running an ad. If nothing else, make sure your website looks professional and trustworthy. A point of contact, an about us page, privacy policy, legal responsibilities, taxes, etc. It seems the over hyped legend that is Facebook advertising, has taken priority of some fundamental basics of business.

Just because you can put a website up in a day, doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. Don’t waste your money, or worse, get caught up in legal issues for running a crap website.

On that note be realistic about what a Facebook ad will accomplish for you.  There are plenty of YouTube videos spouting off about running Facebook ads for $5 a day and making money hand over fist.

The old saying, if it sounds too good to be true.. Understand you will be incredibly limited in just about every possible way if all you’re spending is $5 per day. A good place to start when you’re first learning, however this is not a long term strategy. If your intent is to make large amounts of money over the long run, your budget will need to expand.

A realization worth coming to.

You are at the mercy of social networks with the data and analytics they provide for you. When they say your ad was created 5k impressions, you can only take that at face value.

Sure you can match data points, such as clicks, up against other analytics. However you have no clue if it’s a bot, or a real person. At the end of the day, sales are going to be the one and only true number that matter.

Early 20 something broski: Consider staying away from wearing hats and shirts that say “Hustle” on them. 2016 was a long time ago. In internet years it’s even longer. Just leave it alone. On that note, don’t tell is how much you’re Crushing It, either.

Godiva Truffle Flight Banner

YouTube, answer me this.

Well, not me.. Answer your advertisers this: Why is it, when I hit the “thumbs down” button on an ad, and I give an explanation why, I continue to see the same ad repeatedly?

I’ve told you I have no interest. If I’m the one the paying for that ad, I wouldn’t be happy with someone seeing the ad over and over, after they clearly stated they weren’t interested.

If you’re promoting some real estate gig/or contest, stop waving money around in the ads.  It’s juvenile and appears desperate.

It’s a bit baffling, though I’ve see this a few times.

Stop using a someone else’s meme or quote in your paid advertisements. An occasional motivational retweet or share is one thing. Using his content in a paid ad is odd to say the least. If you’re throwing real money at an ad, put your own skill on display, not someone else’s.

Another somewhat baffling tactic I’ve seen more and more of – Running ads for digital market service on Instagram, yet the company has no Instagram account. Yes, I am aware, this advert is done through the Facebook Ad platform.

Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. I’ve heard the reasoning being they don’t want others “copying” their posts?  Sorry just seems weak.

Shopify drop ship guru.

Yes, you, bro. The one that’s showing all those sales on your dashboard. You are paying Uncle Sam his cut, aren’t you? Of course you are.

Anyone doing the following:

Quit referring to yourself as a social media strategist. Same goes for saying you’re a crypto expert. Doesn’t mean you aren’t trying or have good intentions. The “expertise” status is long overplayed and old at this point. Everyone just becomes a dime a dozen. This also applies to putting CEO in an Instagram bio line.

Hats Banner

Also quit referring yourself as an Instagram expert, LinkedIn expert, Twitter expert, or any of its ilk. Teaching people about the importance of hashtags and creating consistent content does not make anyone an expert. It simply means they are minimally observant.

If you are looking to purchase influencer marketing, understand you are in a horrendously vulnerable position.  It’s no secret that followers, likes, and comments can be purchased and manipulated. You have nothing to go by in terms of factual metrics. It could be worth it, or you could get burned fast for your hard earned cash.


Stop eluding to “strategical tactics” to deal with new changes coming to Facebook. There has been an endless amount of pure bull shit, spewing from the heads of Facebook over the last two years. They have made it beyond obvious, they no clue how to “create a more positive experience”. Let’s not pretend like any ad agency has some inside track on things.

So that’s all I have off the top of the noodle, here. Maybe you’ll consider a few points and gain some insight. Maybe you won’t. You can just write this off as someone who is complaining because they’ve failed at running digital ads. You would be correct.

Everyone fails in the advertising. Even the successful people (ya, wrap you mind around that one). Plain and simple, I’m tired of looking at the enormous volume of bull shit the internet is loaded with. Hence, this post was created.

Hope you enjoyed!


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