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Had Atari Created the Smartphone.

Atari Smartphone Banner

Yes our imaginations are running wild at 89 Prime. In this post, we are imagining what a screen may have looked like, had smartphone technology crossed paths with the Atari 2600 of late 1970s and early 1980s. We are in real Steve Jobs mode here, as he was employed by Atari in his early days, and changed the world with the iPhone many years later.

Asteroids A hit from arcade to home console, this shoot-em up was one of the greatest of all times. An interesting tidbit of info: At the time of this post, the Asteroids world record for points is held by  John McAllister with a score of 41,838,740. McAllister achieved this record on Monday April 5, 2010 with a game that began 58 hours earlier. This was streamed live, via Justin TV whose parent company re branded into what we now know as Twitch.

What would a Smartphone screen look like if Facebook didn’t exist?

Smartphone without Facebook

In this post we are going in a slightly different direction. Here we present what a smartphone screen might have looked like, today in 2019, had Facebook flopped. Let’s say Facebook sold to Yahoo circa 2006 and, well it went the way of other Yahoo purchases and acquisitions went.

There was a time where Twitter had made an offer to buy out Instagram. It didn’t happen. Facebook eventually made the purchase, and the rest is history. The name may have switched up a bit.. Twittergram has a nice ring to it. Oh, and they let you put links in the posts! Marketers went wild with excitement!

1970s Smartphone Screen

1970s Smartphone

Here we are contemplating alternative universes, and wondering what a smartphone might have looked like in the 1970s. Let the imagination run for a bit and here is the result..

Pong – It’s the 70s and video games are becoming a thing. Pong would have been the Fortnite of it’s time. Let me rephrase that – Pong was the Fortnite of it’s time. Manufactured by Atari, the industry was about to blow up, and this was the beginning of the golden era of video games. Definitely an app slot on a 1970s smartphone.

1980s Smartphones

1980s Smart Phone

Here we are with another edition of Smartphones from the past. We wondered what a smartphone might have looked like, had the technology arrived at a different point in time. in this post we’re going with a 1980s Smartphone screen.

Minolta Can still hear the phrase in the commercial – “From the Mind of Minolta”. We’re handing the 1980s version of Instagram over to Minolta. Pssst.. The feed is chronological. Woohoo! Ya, take that Zucks.

VHS TubeAs for the 80s version of YouTube? VHS of course! Betamax is so 70s, we’ve moved onto bigger and better things. Oh, and on the digital version, you don’t even have to rewind when your done. No additional fees involved!

1990s Smartphone

1990s Smart phone Banner

We asked ourselves.. What would a 1990s smartphone screen look like?

Alta Vista – Before Google swallowed up the internet, back when they were still telling people to not be evil, there were other search engines out there. Alta Vista was a popular one for sure..

Netscape Like The Globe, the Netscape story was told on the Valley of the Boom. Certainly would have had a browser presence in this line up prior to it’s acquisition by AOL..

Smart Phones from the Past – 1950s

1950s Smart Phone

Ever wonder what a smart phone from the past might have looked like? Had they been introduced in a different decade, what types of apps and features would be present?

We did. Figured the 1950s would be a good decade as to start.

Instagram Influencers Hacked

Instagram Influencers Hacked

Well, this is an unexpected challenge that some influencers are facing. Being hacked.

This young industry makes the wild west look like vacation resort. The concept of an influencer is not a new one, however the method of influencing along with the ease of access of entry for new players are new. Along with that comes the scams, hackers, and..

The Instagram Followers Purchase War

Instagram Vanity Metics

Seems to be another war underway. Many are aware of the practice, though may not consider it a war. The result of this battle will not reshape the way we function on line, however there are companies competing for the top slot. What battle are we talking about?

It is the “Instagram Followers for Sale” war.

Yelpers Yelping on Yelp

Yelpers Yelping on Yelp

Ok Google “Define Yelper”.. One who Yelps, especially a yelping dog.. No, no, no.  That is such a pre-internet definition.

Let’s keep scrolling. Ah, there it is.. Wow, strong, somewhat angry opinions. Ok Google, never mind, we’ll define this. Yelper – A person who contributes online reviews, on the website or app, Yelp..

Apps that Died in 2018

Apps that Died in 2018

Apps that Died and Barely Made it out Alive of 2018.

The Tech world is unforgiving, be it in new comers in startup land or the old vets such as Google.  You’re here today, gone tomorrow, becoming digital dust as you never existed.