This, That, and Random Things

This, That, and Random Things

Welcome to the This, That, and Random Things section of 89 Prime. As the title suggests, we have a little bit of everything in this corner of the site. Thanks for checking us our and enjoy your time here!

The Internet.. Random Thoughts and Observations

The Internet Random Thoughts and Observations

Ok here goes some random thoughts about the current state of the internet. Yes I’m in both smart ass and snark mode.

I did it again. I opened up the Product Hunt app. I’m all for new ideas but I can’t find any real value coming from a Birthday Cleaner, a Simple Calculator (someone is already asking for more functions in the comments), a program to automatically mute

5 Useless Garbage Categories on the Internet. 

5 Useless Garbage Categories on the Internet

Ya, so I was complaining on the internet, the other day. While ranting, I mentioned I was going to write a listicle about regurgitating useless garbage that has flooded the net over the years and wasted an unquantifiable amount of cyberspace.

Productivity Tips. Stop Providing Them.. Ya we have seen more than enough content on how to be more productive..

6 tips to dominate the first hour of the day, 5 productivity hacks to get the most out of something, 3 tactics to do at night to help you in the morning, 4 practices that Tony Robbins does in the afternoon, 7 things that Tim Ferris eats in the Spring, and yada, yada yaaa..

Want to Hear Me Complain?

Wanna Hear Me Complain

So ya, I was on the internet today. I have some things to say. Yes, I’m going to complain.

Hey, Alex Becker, just give me 45 seconds to explain how your ads are losing you money. I keep seeing your pre rolls on You Tube. I continue to hit the thumbs down button, and I’ve given every reason possible, multiple times over. The ads keep playing anyways…

Twitter and Mental Health

Twitter and Mental Health

There is plenty of conversation going around these days, on how technology is impacting us humans. Twitter and mental health – a much needed conversation, as it is important for us to try and grasp how we are evolving along with tech.

Dear God, all this amazing technology and this is what we are doing with it. Just typing all this re enforces how silly the whole platform can be.. Notice how many adults argue with strangers, over the way they see the world. Swearing and cursing at politicians and celebrities..

An Apology to Tim Berners-Lee

An Apology to Tim Berners

I couldn’t help but wonder, how did we go from this wide range of possibilities.. Sir, I  am apologizing on behalf of humanity for what we have done with the web. I’m sorry for the way we have used what you have given us. I’m sorry we have taken so much of it for granite. I am sorry for plenty more as well..

The Loathing of BuzzFeed

The Loathing of BuzzFeed

This post is a collection of thoughts (no we won’t call it a dossier) due to news of cutbacks this past week.. The perceived results of BuzzFeed style tactics and antics. Criticisms and credits both. We’re calling it the dichotomy of BuzzFeed.

Working for Free

Working for Free

This whole working for free thing.. There is a huge element of it that makes me cringe. There are times where it makes sense. It’s been a thing lately. Some are spewing nonsense, some are speaking truth. Necessary part of the process or overhyped thought? Let’s think is out..

Blogging One Month In Observations and Thoughts

Blogging 1 Month In

We just crossed the one month mark here at 89 Prime. Fist pump!

Figured this would be a good time to address what lessons we learned during this short time. Plenty of blogging tips and listicles out there from veteran bloggers and writers. Not as much feedback from sites and writers who are just exiting their rookie month.

What Shopify Gurus Don’t Tell You

What Shopify Gurus Dont Tell You

Lies, Half Truths, and Straight Up Bullshit. The world of Shopify Gurus and You Tube.. If you’re reading this, you know what we’re talking about. The Shopify tutorials on You Tube. The ones with some dude in in the thumbnail holding up a stack of cash. The ones with big dollar promises..

Successful digital ad campaigns are much tougher and costly than explained. If you think you are going to get significant sales by spending $5 a day, you are in for a rude awakening.

Is there room for a new, major social media site?

New Social Media


That is it, the answer is no.

So this is a question and answer (think Quora) that makes for interesting thought and conversation. Opinion in the virtual walls of 89 Prime, is a clear no. Not just a “let’s rethink the concept” type no..

Social Media Marketing Rant

Social Media Marketing Rant

Attention Marketers, Ad Agencies, and Buyers.. A rant by a pissed off marketer.

Whether you’re a full service ad agency, or a one person company, here are some points to consider.. Really this is more about me than you. Admittedly this is just a way to vent. I can’t be the only one who sees the utter nonsense and overhyped garbage that is spewed in the world of digital ads.

Online Changes I’m Looking Forward to in 2019.

Online in 2019

The internet as we know it is ready for a change.  Let me wrack my brain here..

For starters, i’d like the internet to expand beyond a handful of social media sites.  Remember we used to go to actual websites without having to be “driven” there by Facebook or Twitter?  Let’s do that again.

I was on the Internet Today.  Here’s the Long and Short of it.

I was on the Internet Today

I have discovered a way to become slightly annoyed while becoming sleepy at the same time, all within a few seconds.  Look at a LinkedIn feed. Never fails.

Opened up the Product Hunt app only to realize, I don’t need an emoji generator, an app to uninstall my apps, a virtual checklist for my to-do list, or alerts to keep me focused on important tasks.  Thanks, but no thanks.