Vino de Milo Bruschetta and Pasta Sauce

Gourmet Bruschetta and Pasta Sauce by Vino de Milo

Vino de Milo – Creamy Parmesan Vodka Sauce

Finally found it, it had been too long.

Vino de Milo Creamy Parmesan Vodka Pasta Sauce

While checking out a gourmet style grocery store, came across a pasta sauce I hadn’t seen in awhile.  The brand is Vino de Milo and they have an excellent line of sauces, bruschetta toppings, preserves, and dressings. Always loved the sauces and the preserves are amazing. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the preserves, but came up with bruschetta toppings. Ready to review!

As soon as I spotted the Vino de Milo label (always loved their packaging) my eyes drew straight to my favorite – Creamy Parmesan Vodka. Right into the cart it went and pasta tonight, it is! They had several other flavors available such as Triple Olive and Artichoke Puttanesca with Pinot Grigio Wine and Artichoke Fennel with Chardonnay Wine, either of which would have been a good choice. Decided I’d forgo the pasta sauce shopping spree and stick with the just Vodka sauce this time around.

Things got a bit busier than I anticipated that day, as they often do, but I was determined to cook some pasta. A 10 pm dinner happens every now and again, don’t judge. Pictured below with a couple of greens for good measure, my day was complete.

Vino de Milo Vodka Pasta Sauce

The sauce was just as good as I remembered, definitely did not disappoint. Rich and consistent taste, not overpowering in any spices, a fine aroma, a pleasant aftertaste.  It spread well and has a solid body to it. I believe the word gourmet gets thrown around for marketing purposes, with many products not being deserving to be in the category. Not the case here. I’d say Vino de Milo meets the criteria to be classified as a high end product and not your average sauce with a fancy label. A quality blend in my opinion and would recommend if you’re looking for a gourmet style pasta sauce.

So there ya have it. Not done just yet though..

Vino de Milo Bruschetta Tomato Basil with Syrah Wine

It’s pronounced Brusketta

Happy we found brushcetta topping by Vino de Milo, and happy to review it right along with the pasta sauce. Just need some bruschetta toast and I’m in business.

For those unfamiliar with what Bruschetta is, it tends to be classified as an antipasto, meaning appetizer or starter in Italian. Simply put, it is bread that has been grilled (or toasted), rubbed in garlic and topped with olive oil. Depending on the recipe, or preferences of the chef, you might add the garlic and olive oil before or after toasting the bread. It is typically topped with something tomato based as we have here in this review. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with other options such as olives, chicken, or cheese, just to name a few.

For the purpose of this review, I chose a pre cooked bruschetta toast that I picked up at a local Wegmans. That’s right, no cooking for me. As for the toppings, I went with Tomato Basil with Syrah Wine. I have had this flavor before. As I mentioned in the pasta sauce review, we did carry the Vino de Milo line in our original brick and mortar so I had the opportunity to test several of their flavors. Tomato Basil is my favorite, but honorable mentions include Artichoke Garlic with Pinot Grigio Wine and Roasted Red Pepper with Merlot Wine. They certainly do a fine job of blending wine into their bruschettas.

Here is a pic of my what my toppings..

Vino de Milo Toasted Buschetta

The tomato basil is a simple taste. No strong spices or hot fiery aftertastes. Just a nice smooth feel. Two bites gets me through one bread serving.  Nice full tomato pieces available with minimal liquids makes for good quality. This allows the toppings to sit properly on the bread pieces. A good sign of attention to detail on the part of Vino de Milo.

A common question is why add wine or vodka to a sauce. In this case we have wine added to the bruschetta sauce, and in our previous Vino review, we had vodka added to the pasta sauce. Mostly it’s for flavoring purposes. The wine should enhance the taste and bring out flavors of the sauces when done properly. Vodka can bring out flavors of the tomatoes that typically aren’t released with water. Just as if you see chocolate mixed with rum, there is usually an attempt at an alternate flavor.

To wrap it up, overall this is a yes for me. Gourmet all the way and I would absolutely put this in the finer foods category. I will grab some of the other flavors, next trip out to the gourmet store.

As always, thanks for reading!

The 89 Prime Gourmet Team