Want to Hear Me Complain

Hey, Want to Hear Me Complain on the Internet?

Wanna Hear Me Complain

So ya, I was on the internet today. I have some things to say. Yes, I’m going to complain.

Eh, um.

Hey, Alex Becker, just give me 45 seconds to explain how your ads are losing you money. I keep seeing your pre rolls on You Tube. I continue to hit the thumbs down button, and I’ve given every reason possible, multiple times over. The ads keep playing anyways.

Doesn’t sound like your ad dollars are going to good use. Just letting you know since your teaching other people how to profit on the internet, figured you would like to fix this problem.

Some people on Twitter are angry about Ghostbusters. Yes, this is where we are at in 2019. It’s in fashion this week to complain about Ghostbusters remakes and sequels.

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To the local news stations across the country.. It really is time to reconsider social media strategies. Seriously, oh so many of you look oh so desperate. I literally see nothing but regurgitation of whatever is trending or a hot topic that hour on Twitter and Facebook. That along with the weather, which is real hit or miss.

Posts are often constructed to get people riled up and encourages them to complain. Expect it from the Huffington Post and one person blogs but shouldn’t you have a slightly more sophisticated approach?

Hey Minds social network, I’m looking to check out some new platforms. Your app keeps crashing, can’t post anything from there, cannot update profile pic, header, etc. Really trying to give you a chance but months into this, still isn’t working.

I got a couple different emails that landed in my spam file. One threatened to release videos of me watching “adult content”. Another threatened to release financial info onto the dark web. Same format, different threat. Send Bitcoin or else.

Can we get a little more creative with these threats. Maybe ask for Lite Coin or Ripple every now and again. Keep everyone on their toes, ya know.

Wine of the Month

I see the good people at the Peach app are looking for someone to take over the network. That is one app I’ve never been able to figure out. Made a few attempts over the years to embrace the platform, but it quickly went nowhere. Crashing, couldn’t find anyone, accounts I could find had inactivity for years. Surprised it lasted this long. Rooting for ya!

Oh by the way, it’s Peach.cool. Didn’t even realize the dot cool domain we’re a thing. 89 Prime dot cool.. hmm..

I’ve wanted to support the main stream media for a while now. I’m looking for an authority to rely on. They’re making it real hard on both conservative and liberal sides of the isle. 2019 is off to a bad start. People in the media complain about how the financial part of newspapers, journalism, media, etc.

How about going back to basics and getting back to quality news and real journalism. I don’t care if some account on Twitter beats you too it. Get the story right. That’s what matters in the long run. And I’ll say it again, this is both conservative and liberal sides.

Why did everyone hate Clippy? Ya know, the Microsoft paperclip character that would talk to you and offer help while you were using Word or Excel. I rather enjoyed and appreciated the service, even of I was the only one on the planet.

Might have had something to do with the atmosphere I was working in at the time, but whatever. I’ll didn’t hate it. Maybe since social sites didn’t really exist at that point, people needed something to channel their anger at or onto. Maybe Clippy was that thing.

Since I’m talking 1990s and early 2000s internet, stuff remember we used to “surf the web”. Remember the internet was this wide open, untapped, new frontier of potential and experiences? Remember we used to type in web addresses? What the hell happened?

It’s like, if something doesn’t come across one’s social network feed or the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist. We’ve closed ourselves into a dozen or so platforms. That sucks. Let’s change that.

It is my opinion that humanity will be better off if the likes of Facebook and Twitter would label bot accounts as such. I do understand that this isn’t always possible and some bot accounts aren’t apparent. With that said, I do believe that these social networks are glad to turn a blind eye at least to an extent as bots still create engagement. Good for the network, bad for humans.

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I wonder what would be different in the world if MySpace would have won the social media war.

So Vero never killed off Instagram.

I read it, that Reddit users, are the least valuable user of any social network. Apparently I’m not familiar enough with the platform as my guess would have been a coin toss between Tumblr and Twitter.

This whole Jeff Bezos vs the National Enquirer thing got me wondering. Who the hell buys the National Enquirer? Yes, I’m sure their website gets traffic but do people actually purchase the paper that has been in the grocery store for decades? They must, right?

I can say, I have never seen a copy laying around anyone’s house, a coffee shop, the doctors office, or anywhere else I can think of. I’ve only seen it at the checkout counter while loading up a belt with groceries. Can anyone answer this?

Being in the blogging world, it is natural that I have some interest in website visits, clicks, etc. I came across something interesting on the Joe Rogan Show with Tim Pool not too long ago. Something I was always suspicious of what was confirmed by Mr. Pool.

If you don’t get a chance to watch the video, he is explaining how Vice Media, props up their overall web click count by purchasing ownership of websites such as The Modern Farmer and The Plaid Zebra. Purchase these garbage, click bait driven, throw away websites and lump those numbers into the overall media traffic statistics. Wonder why the media industry is a disaster.

Pinterest is cracking down on the whole anti vaxx thing.. Thank you Pinterest, thank you!. Oh, and Pinterest may go public in 2019. Rooting for ya!

No Product Hunt, I don’t need a way to earn interest on my cryptocurrency, nor do I need a hackable robot that responds in GIFs, and thanks but I’ll pass on a fast and efficient way curate Reddit content.

Anyone, I repeat anyone, who is writing an article, giving the world “tips” on how to accomplish more in the morning, I kindly ask you to stop. Seriously the internet is loaded with more than enough listicle based posts on how dominate the first hour and what ultra successful people do to maximize productivity.

If you need help, I’ll write a post with something to the effect of: 7 best ways to stop regurgitating the same useless garbage day after day on the net. Top bullshit artists all agree on number 3. Stay tuned.

Beer of the Month Club

I used to love Instagram, I don’t anymore. Haven’t used it in a while. I can’t even explain why, but something is just different these days. And no, it has nothing to do with chronological order or anything like that. The vibe is just off.

Nah, Nope, and No Facebook, it won’t work. Indefinite red notification bubble or not, I’m not watching Facebook Watch. App stays closed 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 30 plus something seconds per day. Sometimes longer. No way.

Just so we’re clear, one of the ways the Merriam Webster dictionary defines complain as to express grief, pain, or discontent. I feel that I’ve accomplished that well in this post.

Thanks for listening to me complain!

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